Our company participated in the PQ meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

Mainly participated in the opening meeting on the 2nd, the WHO Vector Control product prequalification Track meeting on the 3rd and the 1-to-1 meeting on the 5th.

On the first day, the related content mainly introduced the work progress of I2I for Angus spiers. On the second day, Marion introduced the PQT-VC aspects and the update of JMPS from 2011 to 2019; Dominic introduced the module-based data package requirements, The content and precautions of each module are introduced. At the same time, once again described the evaluation process of vector control products; Liuus Perez Albela introduced the JMPS data package requirements; Jeannette Martinez introduced the biological efficacy data requirements, emphasizing the concepts of lab, semi-field and field. Phase1, Phase2 and Phase3 will not be discussed under PQ; Mark introduced the update of factory inspection work in 2019, and analyzed the number of inspection locations, the number of countries inspected, and the types and numbers of non-conforming inspections. Examples of non-conformities found during the inspection are given.