Our company participated in the "Pesticide Registration Test Unit Key Position Staff Training" sponsored by China Pesticide Development and Application Association

Our company sent personnel to participate in the training meeting for key personnel of pesticide registration test units held in Jinan, Shandong.

The training report mainly includes: "Affirmation and Thinking of my country's Pesticide Registration Test Units", "How to Do Quality Assurance in Pesticide Registration Tests", "Product Chemistry Test Unit Quality Management Specification Requirements and Case Analysis", "Pesticide Registration Tests" TFM’s Responsibilities and Management, “Residual Testing Unit Quality Management Specification Requirements and Case Analysis”, “The Establishment and Implementation of the Quality Assurance System of Testing Institutions”, “Relevant Requirements and Common Problems of the Quality Management Specification of Pharmacodynamic Testing Units”, etc.

Participants said that through this training, they have a deeper and updated understanding of pesticide registration trials. At the same time, he has further thoughts on matters that require key breakthroughs and key attention in the future.