Committed to chemical product testing services, biomedical technology, new material technology development, consulting, services, and transfer; goods or technology import and export (except for the import and export of goods and technology that are prohibited by the state or involve administrative approval)。

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Technical Consulting

Service Items : Our company can provide consulting services for domestic and foreign pesticide registration policies, WHO-PQ registration policies, GLP experimental technology, and GLP system establishment.


WHO-PQ policy consulting services include:

1. Technical consultation on WHO-PQ registration process and preparation of data packages at various stages.

2. Insecticide-treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying, space spraying, larvicides, space repellents and other insect vector control products, efficacy testing, physical and chemical testing, toxicology testing and other aspects of WHO data requirements and testing method technical consultation.

3. Preparation of site master file for WHO-PQ factory inspection, inspection process, inspection content and technical consultation on corrective and preventive measures.