Committed to chemical product testing services, biomedical technology, new material technology development, consulting, services, and transfer; goods or technology import and export (except for the import and export of goods and technology that are prohibited by the state or involve administrative approval)。

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Product Chemistry Experiment

Service Items:

  • Quality inspection test
  • Physical and chemical properties test
  • Room temperature storage stability test
  • Test Range:

    Product quality inspection test range:Appearance, active ingredient content, relevant impurity content, other restricted component content, moisture, pH/PH, dry sieve test, wet sieve test, suspensibility, persistent foam, pourability, thermal storage stability, low temperature stability, Freeze-thaw stability, tablet integrity, disintegration time, abrasion resistance, bulk density, particle size range, dustiness, degree of solubility and solution stability, wetting time, packaging material solubility, dispersion stability, dispersibility, viscosity, dilution stability, emulsion stability, free active ingredients, release rate, spontaneous dispersibility, miscibility with hydrocarbon oils, adhesion, synergist content, active ingredient retention index, synergist retention index, mesh size, dimensional stability to washing, bursting strength, flammability, fabric weight, tensile strength, volatilization rate, minimum holding period, internal pressure, net content of formulation, atomization rate, discharge rate, viscosity, average weight of coils, separation of “twin” coils, burning time, strength of coil, auto-ignition temperature, smoke generation time, etc.

    Physical and chemical properties test range:Appearance, density, viscosity, melting point/melting range, boiling point, oxidation/reduction, ultraviolet/visible absorption, solubility in organic solvents, solubility in water, n-octanol/water partition coefficient, thermal stability, stability to metals and metal ions Resistance, corrosiveness to packaging materials, explosiveness, flammability, flash point, compatibility with non-polar organic solvents, specific rotation, etc.

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